Instagram Donations

Fundraise through Instagram

Instagram allows eligible nonprofits and their supporters to raise money for charity directly on Instagram through the donation sticker in Instagram Stories and donate button on Instagram Business Account.

For a nonprofit to be eligible to receive donations through the donation sticker they must — Sign up for Charitable Giving Tools (if they haven’t already), link their Instagram and Facebook Accounts and switch their Instagram to a Business Account.

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is now used by over 500M daily. The most engaging stories are made in the moment, using a combination of videos, photos, and creative tools to give supporters a window into your every day.

Use the donation sticker in Stories to create a fundraiser, encouraging your supporters to donate to your cause directly on Instagram. To access the donation sticker:

  1. Sign up for Charitable Giving tools
  2. Link Instagram and Facebook Profiles
  3. Convert Instagram profile to a Business Profile

Once you’ve completed these required steps, your organization’s Instagram account is eligible to be fundraised for on Instagram Stories.

100% of the money raised using the Instagram donation sticker goes to the nonprofit. Read more on this here.

Instagram Business Account Donate Button

The donate button on Instagram allows nonprofits to raise money directly from their Instagram Business Account. Follow these required steps to add a donate button to your Instagram Business Account.

1. Sign up for Charitable Giving tools
2. Link Instagram and Facebook Profiles
3. Switch Instagram profile to a Business Account

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will be able to add a donate button to your organization’s Instagram Business Account.

100% of the money raised using the Instagram donate button goes to the nonprofit. Read more.

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    To link your Instagram account to a Facebook Page:

    1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap menu.

    2. Tap Settings.

    3. Tap Account > Linked Accounts, then select Facebook. If you haven’t already, enter your Facebook login information.

    4. By default, your Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook profile. To link to a Page instead, tap Share to.

    5. Choose a Page that you manage.

    Learn more about what happens when you link your Instagram account to a Facebook Page that you manage.

    To switch your Instagram profile to a Business Account:

    1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the menu

    2. Tap Settings

    3. Tap Account.

    4. Tap Switch to Business Account.

    5. Connect your Business Account to your nonprofit’s Facebook Page. At this time, only one Facebook Page can be connected to your business account. Tap Next.

    6. Add details such as your organization category and contact information. Tap Done.

    With a business account, you’ll get access to business features and Instagram Insights. These tools can help you better understand who is engaging with your business on Instagram. You can also adjust the privacy of your profile in your Settings at any time.

    Once eligible to use the donation sticker:

    1. In Instagram, open the camera and take or upload a photo that best highlights your cause.

    2. Tap the sticker icon.

    3. Select the donation sticker from the tray.

    4. Select a nonprofit organization.

    5. Customize your fundraiser using Stories creative tools.

    6. Tap Send to. Then tap Share next to Your Story.

    6. You can add multiple images or videos to build your fundraising story.

    1. Go to your organization’s profile on the Instagram app and tap the three bars on the top right-hand corner.

    2. Tap Settings.

    3.Tap Business

    4.then tap Donations.

    5. Next to Add Donate Button to Profile, swipe the button to the right until it’s green to turn it on.

    6. The donate button will appear on your Business Account

    To sign up for Facebook Charitable Giving Tools:

    You’ll need 3 things to complete an application to receive donations on Facebook.

    1. A PDF copy of a bank statement from the last 3 months (you will need to upload this as part of the application). Submitting a statement that is older than 3 months will cause a delay in your application being approved.
    2. The name and date of birth of your organization’s CEO or Executive Director.
    3. Your organization’s tax ID number (EIN or VAT number), which verifies your charitable tax exemption status.

    Sign up for Charitable Giving Tools

    The application must be completed in full and progress cannot be saved.

    Please ensure you have the required information and documentation before you get started. To complete the application, click the downward arrow next to your nonprofit or charity organization page. Then, proceed to Donations Account Setup. To learn more about the requirements for collecting donations on Facebook, review the Frequently Asked Questions. To get support, contact us.

    Best Practices

    Frame it. Kickstart your donation story with photos and video of what your cause is and why it matters.

    Define Impact. Tell the story of what the donations will help to accomplish.

    Get Creative. Use a photo and creative tools like emojis and gradient text with the donation sticker, to illustrate the purpose of your cause.

    Highlight. Use the highlight feature so supporters have access to your donation story for more than 24 hours. Highlighting a story pins it to your profile. You can add anything you’ve posted from your archive and delete highlights at any time.

    Repetition. Post the donate sticker in multiple stories for maximum exposure.

    Use video. Your supporters are craving video content from you! Instagram users consume 80% more video year after year, and 98% of all mobile video is viewed vertically.

    Go Live. Make an announcement, share milestones, or just hang with your supporters. Pin a comment to give viewers an idea of what you’re doing, e.g. “Makin’ it rain for ASPCA ”.


    • Must link Instagram account with nonprofit Facebook Page.
    • Must be using Instagram Business Profile.
    • Your nonprofit must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US enrolled with Facebook Charitable Giving Tools to receive donations through the Instagram donation sticker.
    • Currently the donation sticker is available in the US. We’re working hard to bring this experience to our community in the coming months.


    Inspire Supporters to Use the Donation Sticker
    Email Supporters

    Let them know the donation sticker is available for them to use to fundraise.

    instagram tools icon
    Share Examples

    Share images or video that supporters can use to create their own fundraising story.

    An image alt text
    Why It Matters

    When fundraising, remind supporters to share why your cause is important to them.

    Sample email to supporters:

    Hi [First Name],

    We have some exciting news! As a supporter of [your org name] you can now use a sticker in Instagram Stories to fundraise for us. The Instagram donation sticker lets you tell the story of why you support us and fundraise.

    This [month] we are asking our supporters to use the new Instagram Donation Sticker to help us raise money for [Insert description of specific program]. As a supporter of [your org name], you can help us raise awareness and fundraise for [impact made]. Every $[XX] raised is [impact created]. Create an Instagram Story, add a donation sticker and share with your friends.

    For instructions on how to create an Instagram Story go here.

    Learn more about the donation sticker here.

    Thank you for your support!

    [Your org name]


    Where will this be available?
    This is currently available only in the US. We’re working hard to bring this experience to more of our global community in the coming months. No further details to share on timeline at this time.

    How can I make sure my fundraiser continues even after my story expires?
    The fundraiser will last for 24 hours on one story unless you add the story to your profile as a highlight. Adding the story to your profile as a highlight will allow people to continue donating to your fundraiser until you delete the story. If you want to post a fundraiser on multiple stories, you will need to go through the creation process again.

    Will nonprofits be charged any fees? Will Instagram make money from donations?
    No, we will waive all nonprofit fundraising fees, so 100% of what’s donated via the donation sticker goes to the benefitting nonprofit. Instagram/Facebook will not make any money from the donations.

    How much can people donate?
    People can donate between $5 to $2500 per contribution. They can also donate multiple times to a fundraiser.

    How will I know if people have donated to my fundraiser?
    Swipe up on your story to view the total amount raised and donations made by each person. You’ll receive an activity notification when someone has donated to your fundraiser. If you have more than 10k followers, you will only receive notifications from people you are following who are also following you. A total amount raised notification will be sent after a fundraiser story expires and if it raised more than $0.

    How does my nonprofit receive donations made on Instagram?
    Once money raised for your organization reaches the $100 or equivalent minimum donation payout amount, it becomes eligible for a payout. Funds will roll over until the payout amount reaches the $100 threshold per nonprofit. Payouts take 2 weeks to process and will occur bi-weekly as an ACH or direct deposit to your organization’s bank account.

    Do people get a notification of how much they raised before their sticker ends?
    You can swipe up on your story to view the list of people who donated, how much they donated, and the total amount raised. You’ll also get a notification on the total amount you raised after your fundraiser story expires (if you raised more than $0).

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