Social Impact

In addition to our Social Good work, we have a number of initiatives that also help people come together in meaningful ways to support their communities.

AMBER Alerts

Facebook partners with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to distribute AMBER Alerts to the Facebook community. If you’re in the target search area of an AMBER Alert, you may see an alert near the top of your News Feed. These alerts include a photograph of the child, any available information about the incident and an indication that there’s an active search going on. You can share the alert with your Facebook friends to help spread the word.

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AMBER alerts have come a long way from photos on milk cartons and local news broadcasts. Today, technology plays a critical role in getting AMBER alerts out to people as quickly as possible. At Facebook, we take this role very seriously and are proud of our work to get AMBER alerts out to our community quickly in the hopes of finding and returning abducted children back to their families.


Facebook’s mission is to bring the world closer together — and that means everyone. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone, regardless of ability, to access the information and connections that happen on Facebook. We’re invested in video captioning and AI, sharing our work publicly so others can learn from it and advancing accessibility training in higher education.

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At Facebook, we believe sustainability is about minimizing the impact of our energy, emissions and water usage, protecting workers and the environment in our supply chain, and partnering with others around us to develop and share solutions for a more sustainable world beyond our operations. We are committed to fighting climate change and have set a science-based target to reduce our emissions by 75%

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Civic Engagement

As part of our effort to foster civically-engaged communities on Facebook, we’ve developed tools to help people learn about different candidates and get information on when and where to vote ahead of Election Day. Users can engage with their elected officials and make their voices heard on the issues they care about.

With Facebook Community Actions, users can create a petition, tag relevant public officials or organizations, and get their friends to support their cause. Supporters for any given petition will be able to discuss the topic with fellow supporters on the page, and will also be able to create events and fundraisers.

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